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Myth of Aging Somatic Series

Hanna Somatic Education

Myth of Aging

Progressive 5 Week  Series

Instructor: Noreen Owens, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator

Thursdays, 6:00-7:00

July 30 – August 27

Develop awareness and control over three innate reflex patterns. Restore comfort and flexibility without stretching or force.   Learn stress relief, anxiety reduction, and pain management tools.

Feel - - - - >

Look- - - - >   YOUNGER

Move- - - ->

Close your eyes as Noreen guides you through slow, natural movements.  Greater sensory awareness benefits all fitness levels.  Learn yawn-like movements to keep muscles functioning.

Week 1 – Stress Reduction; Relax Low Back, Neck and Shoulders

Week 2 – Anxiety Reduction, Relax Neck Muscles, Pelvis, Expand Breathing, Improve Posture

Week 3 – Restore Function to Waist Muscles; More Pleasurable Ease of Motion in Hips and Shoulders

Week 4 – Explore Delicious Twisting Movement; Feel Taller; Graceful

Week 5 – Restore Comfort and Lightness to Your Pelvis, Legs and Feet

Instructor: Noreen Owens, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator and Author of Where Comfort Hides

Fee:  $325 (includes CD and Handouts)

Limited to 10 participants

Visit www.owensomatics.com for more about Somatics or call Noreen at (603)772-3307.

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Wise Woman Series

Wise Woman Series July 10-12 - ($100)

Friday July 10 : 6-8 pm

Saturday July 11: 10-4 pm

Sunday July 12: 6-9pm

This workshop series will delve into the power/sacredness of being women. We will create sacred space to both teach and learn from each other/ with each other. These workshops will include working with herbs that have a special affinity for women, examining women's reproductive and sexual health using herbs, collectively decide the best ways for us to support and nourish ourselves/ other women, and find our personal plant allies. This workshop series will end with a spiritual cleansing ceremony at a TBA location in which we prepare and cleanse each other.

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6:30 PM18:30

Somatic Back Pain Rescue

Somatic Back Pain Rescue

Wednesday, June 24th

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Instructor: Noreen Owens, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator

Join Noreen in this experiential spine-relaxing workshop.  Low back pain is commonly diagnosed as degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, herniated disc, or arthritis.  Somatics resolves back pain by relaxing the muscles that tighten the spine; restoring muscle function. 

How?  You will close your eyes and Noreen will guide you through slow, natural movements that control the stress response. 

No stretching or force is involved.  Relax tight back, neck and shoulder muscles as you restore awareness and control.  Leave with a brief routine to maintain comfort and freedom on your own.

Fee: $125 (includes CD and Handout)


Visit www.owensomatics.com for more information about Somatics, or call Noreen at (603)772-3307

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6:00 PM18:00

Yoga and Herbs for a Healthy Nervous System

Yoga and Herbs For a Healthy Nervous System

Monday June 22nd from 6-8pm Cost is $30


What goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? Yoga and herbal medicine! Join yoga instructor Heidi Maddock and herbalist Britta Memmesheimer for a rejuvenating evening focused on the health of your nervous system. This class will include a 45 min restorative yoga session where Heidi will share techniques and postures to help release tension and re-invigorate the body. The second half of class will be an interactive lecture with Britta where we will delve into the world of herbal “rasayanas” or herbs that promote mental/emotional/physical well-being and longevity. The focus of both segments will be healthful ways to stay energized and manage stress naturally. So bring a yoga mat, pillow, and sign up today! Space is limited!

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Manifesting Abundance Workshop

Manifesting Abundance Workshop

Facilitated by Julia Dumaux, Certified Life Coach

Saturday June 20th and Saturday June 27th from 9am-12pm

$59 for the full workshop


Are you happy with your flow of abundance?

Would you like more health, wealth and love?

Want to understand what is getting in your way of creating the life you want?

Join me for this powerful interactive class and learn the secrets to drawing in the wealth & happiness you truly desire.

Discover and eliminate your energetic blocks to your success.

Often times your thoughts limit you and you create situations in your life that you don’t want.  In this interactive and empowering workshop, Julia will lead you through a series of exercises to help you:

*Gain clarity on what abundance represents for you in all areas of your life.

*Understand what is blocking you or holding you back from manifesting your goals and dreams.

*Create an action plan to help you attain your vision.

The program will be held for 2 consecutive weeks with a duration of 3 hours each.  

This intimate, focused workshop is limited to 10 attendees.   Enjoy the benefit of a supportive group of friends who will add energy and clarity to your dream.  Please bring a pen and a pad of paper.

Register early to reserve your space!

Join us in this powerful workshop and learn to unlock your beliefs around finances and money, and learn how to begin manifesting abundance NOW!


Julia Dumaux has been a certified life coach since 2007.  Since then, she has been coaching both corporate and personal clients through a variety of transitions.  Julia offers clear insight and useful tools to find the answers within.

Julia’s approach is both supportive and empowering, to help her clients reach their full potential and find their own greatness.  Julia has been a Human Resources Professional for over 15 years and has managed teams and coached clients of all ages.  She is a certified yoga instructor and weaves the yogic philosophy of finding wholeness into her classes and coaching.

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to Jun 13

Medicine Making Series

($30 per class or $50 for both)

Friday June 12 @ 6-9pm- Water Based Medicines: This class will explore the wonders of herbal medicine in water based forms. We will discuss the sacred process of making cold vs hot infusions, decoctions, and  syrups as well as the different medicinal qualities each preparations extracts. Formulas for fresh vs dried plants, roots and berries vs herbs ect will shared and examined!

Saturday June 13 @ 10-1pm - Oil Based Medicines- This class will examine the process of making herbal medicine in oil infusions! We will learn different ways of preparing medicinal oils, with fresh plants, with dried plants, with heat and with sun. We will also prepare an herbal salve as a class and each participant can take some home! We will also make materia medica sheets for herbs that are nourishing to the skin! If you would like to take salve home please provide your own container such as a tin or jar!

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7:30 PM19:30

Lecture Series: Detox (Free)

Thursday June 11th at 7:30pm - Free

This lecture, given by Living Mantras resident Herbalist Britta Memmesheimer, will touch upon our cultural ideas of health and wellness and delve into the buzz word “detox”. We we explore safe ways to support the organs of elimination, to increase our digestive ability and of course herbs that detoxify and nourish our bodies from the inside out! 

All are welcome and no registration is necessary!


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to May 31

Weekend With the Weeds

Join our Herbalist Britta for a

Weekend With the Weeds!


Saturday May 30th (10am to Noon) Loving your Liver!

When was the last time you thought about the health of your liver? Did you know that the liver plays a major role in the condition of your other body systems such as digestion, skin health, the immune system, and hormones (just to name a few)? During this class you will explore the functions of the liver in relation to your over-all state of wellness, and how to live a liver friendly lifestyle. Of course you will also get to know some of the liver's herbal allies and leave with a few liver friendly recipes to try at home!

Sunday May 31st (10 am to noon) - Food as Medicine: Spring Time Weeds!

Are those weeds in your garden? Nope, they're wild foods! In this class we will explore the medicinal benefits of spring time plants and some yummy ways to incorporate them into your everyday diet! Chickweed, Cleavers, Dandelion, Nettles, Garlic Mustard and Chicory are just a few examples of the wild foods we will be discussing and of course tasting!

These classes can be taken separately for $30 each or as a weekend package for $50! Hope to see you there!

Contact Us or register online to reserve your spot!

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