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Myth of Aging Somatic Series

Hanna Somatic Education

Myth of Aging

Progressive 5 Week  Series

Instructor: Noreen Owens, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator

Thursdays, 6:00-7:00

July 30 – August 27

Develop awareness and control over three innate reflex patterns. Restore comfort and flexibility without stretching or force.   Learn stress relief, anxiety reduction, and pain management tools.

Feel - - - - >

Look- - - - >   YOUNGER

Move- - - ->

Close your eyes as Noreen guides you through slow, natural movements.  Greater sensory awareness benefits all fitness levels.  Learn yawn-like movements to keep muscles functioning.

Week 1 – Stress Reduction; Relax Low Back, Neck and Shoulders

Week 2 – Anxiety Reduction, Relax Neck Muscles, Pelvis, Expand Breathing, Improve Posture

Week 3 – Restore Function to Waist Muscles; More Pleasurable Ease of Motion in Hips and Shoulders

Week 4 – Explore Delicious Twisting Movement; Feel Taller; Graceful

Week 5 – Restore Comfort and Lightness to Your Pelvis, Legs and Feet

Instructor: Noreen Owens, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator and Author of Where Comfort Hides

Fee:  $325 (includes CD and Handouts)

Limited to 10 participants

Visit for more about Somatics or call Noreen at (603)772-3307.

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