Gaia Tree Skincare Services

with Holly Zoffoli at Living Mantras



Natural Balance Facial

50 min ($89) ~ Series of 4 ($345)

This customized treatment facial includes deep cleanse, exfoliation & treatment masks utilizing the best of advanced and natural skincare products selected specifically to achieve your skincare goals. 

Mask Choices:

Australian Super Berry Antioxidant Mask with lactic & mandelic acids for lightening, brightening, hydration, capillary strength & inflammation. for dry, dehydrated, lackluster skin

Snow Algae & Spirulina Cooling Mask with aloe for inflammation, repair, rejuvenation, improved cellular defense & removal of toxins. for rosacea, sensitive, inflamed, sunburn and most skin types

Red Tea Mask for purification, immunity building, acne, removal of keratin build up. for mature, dry & sensitive skin

Cocoa Enzyme exfoliation to remove keratin buildup, brighten & clarify. for sensitive, acne, aging and most skin types


Circadia Calming Facial

50 min $89

Series of 6 $455 ~ Series of 6 with extractions $485

Heal inflammation from Rosacea, mild acne and redness with gentle exfoliation, antioxidants & peptides. Natural botanicals such as aloe, calendula, snow algae & spirulina work to calm, cool & repair aggravated skin conditions. Rosacea & heat reducing treatment.


Simply Clean Facial

40 min ($65)

The most basic facial treatment, great for teens, those who are sensitive, reactive or just want an introduction to the world of facials. Includes a cleanse, light exfoliation, mask, moisturizer and shoulder massage.


Luxe Herbal Ayurvedic Facial Treatment

70 min ($130)

An aromatic sensory experience that gives a luminous complexion, energetically balances & rejuvenates. Rare essential oils & extracts of Neem, Tulsi, Calendula, Saffron & Sandalwood brighten dull skin, heal acne & hydrate. Kansa Wand massage releases toxins & acidity, gently lifts & firms facial skin while relaxing muscles. Facial treatment includes face & foot massages with Kansa Wand known for healing properties. 

Add Ons:

Add on booster mask or clinical peel ($15)

Add on scalp & hair treatment ~ 20 min ($18)

Add on Deep Hydration Booster ($15) 

Additional extractions ~ 15 min  ($10)


Fire & Ice Resurfacing Treatment

55 min ($120)

Maximum cellular renewal with minimum discomfort. Smooths & softens surface skin, wrinkles & fine lines with no downtime or peeling. Glycolic, lactic, green tea Vitamins A, B & cinnamon heating mask followed by cooling & refreshing peppermint, rosemary & licorice treatment in an aloe gel base.  For optimal results repeat every 4 weeks up to 6 treatments until desired effect is achieved. 


Firming Peptide with Lime Pearl Caviar & Passionfruit Treatment

55 min ($105)

Cellular renewal firms & lifts facial skin. Invigorates production of collagen, elastin & amino acids.  Activates natural repair system & boosts skin immunity.  Antioxidant, exfoliating & rejuvenating with natural AHA’s.

Add Ons:

Add on booster mask or clinical peel ($15)

Add on scalp & hair treatment ~ 20 min ($18)

Add on Deep Hydration Booster ($15) 

Additional extractions ~ 15 min  ($10)



Exfoliating Back Treatment

45 min ($75)

Remove dead surface skin, massage to break up congestion, extract impurities, balance & rehydrate the skin of your back, shoulder and back of upper arm.


Using Circadia Skincare Products for Skincare Services
Circadia Utilizes botanical stem cells, peptides and amino acids to repair and protect skin while working in harmony with the natural circadian rhythm of the human body. That means during the day your products should defend & protect from environmental damage while stimulating repair during the night. Products & treatments can treat a wide range of skin conditions from acne, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea & aging skin without the use of parabens. Created by Dr. Pugliese who spent over 40 years researching the science of skin & aging. Products by are only available through licensed skincare professionals & Doctors.




Introductory Limited Time special

Brazilian Wax for $60 /  Brow Shape $20

Women’s Grooming Pack    

Brows, underarm & bikini wax ($65)

with extended ($85)

with Brazilian ($100)

Men’s Grooming Pack

Ear, nose, brow wax & trimming ($40)

Ear, nose, brow wax & trimming plus eyebrow tinting ($45)


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