Philosophy of Holistic Wellness


Rebecca's collection of therapeutic services offers you a pathway to restored health and resources for maintaining your body's natural ability to heal.   We use only the highest quality of natural products and equipment for our treatments. Rebecca’s 13 years of bodywork experience, health education as a trained RN, a vast health & wellness network of resources as well as countless continuing education hours in a number of complimentary modalities, allows her to brings a wealth of knowledge to her table ready to be shared with each of her clients.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well. 


**After the closing of our Stratham location Rebecca Russell continues to see her clientele in her new Exeter office location overlooking the river. If you are already a client of Rebecca's you may contact her directly with any questions or to book at

Any issued Gift Certificates or outstanding packages belonging to any of our other customers can still be redeemed with Rebecca. However, she will not be taking on any new long term clients. 

~ Namaste