75 Minutes ~ $135

An ancient Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara calms the nervous system, balances the recipient’s doshas and aides the body in the detoxification process.  We begin the treatment with a full body massage aimed at relaxation, increased blood flow and is comprised of long, rhythmic strokes.  Following the massage, a gentle stream of herbal oil is poured from a copper vessel over the recipient’s third eye.  This continuous stream of warm oil creates a subtle vibration that penetrates the nervous system and causes the recipient to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation.  The treatment concludes with a facial marma massage.  **This treatment is performed with a generous amount of oil.  It is to your benefit to allow the oils to remain on your body & hair for as long as possible.  Prepare for this treatment appropriately.  It is recommended that you plan as much of a stress free day as possible before and after receiving this treatment as your nervous system will be in a healing state.     

Signature Healing Treatment

90 Minutes -$130

Perfect health means that energy is flowing freely through all channels of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.  When a blockage occurs it creates "dis-ease".  This truly "centering treatment" has been created specifically to help strengthen and reconnect your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. It includes a therapeutic massage that will be customized to your body’s specific needs.  Craniosacral therapy will be used as needed (when trained therapist is available) to balance your central nervous system and reset your Craniosacral rhythm.  Reiki energy will be used to calm and revitalize your spirit and help you heal whatever is troubling you.  A chakra clearing and balancing will be performed as cleansing sage is burned nearby. This can help to release any negative energies that may be traveling with you and to realign your energy centers so your spiritual and physical selves can once again exist in harmony with each other.  Whether you are dealing with a major life changing event, are struggling with anxiety or just don't feel like yourself lately, this treatment will help you to face the challenges of life with a clearer mind and stronger spirit.  ~Namaste

Muscle Therapy Treatment

90 minutes ~ ($130)

Muscle Therapy is a treatment aimed to heal and revitalize your soft tissues including muscle and fascia.  When these tissues are subjected to the demands we put on them eventually they become dehydrated, sick and weak.  This treatment includes the use of warm stones to loosen and relax your tissues for deeper work and Massage Cupping to release adhesions, stretch and rehydrate tissues.  The application of liniments after each muscle group is worked, creates a very therapeutic and pain relieving treatment.  Great for athletes (pre or post event) or those suffering from chronically tight muscles and/or fascia.