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Detoxify Treatment

Inspired by Russian bath houses and the healing power of herbs, this body treatment jump starts all of your natural detoxifying processes within your body.  You will begin by receiving a dry brush exfoliation that will bring your circulation to your skin's surface as we as remove dead skin cells blocking the living ones!  Next, you will be gently wrapped in a warm muslin sheet that has been soaked in a herbal mixture containing detoxifying properties that encourage your endocrine organs to wake up and toxins to leave your body through your skin.  As your rest and allow the wrap to take effect, enjoy a soothing sinus, face and scalp massage.  After you are "unwrapped" a detoxifying massage oil will be applied during a full boy massage using alternating hot and cold stones.  The sudden changes in temperature cause your blood vessels to expand and contract acting as a circulatory pump to amp up your body's ability to flush sedentary lymphatic fluid and blood flow.  You truly will be a new person as you leave the table as your body has been awakened and is ready to cleanse itself! 

90 Minutes ($145) All natural products are used for this treatment.

*This treatment may not be appropriate for those sensitive to temperature changes, those with significantly decrease liver, kidney or heart function.  This treatment may be intense for those who are in great need of detoxification.  Though the effects are beneficial, if your body body has much to process you may feel slightly flu-like afterwards as your body rids itself of waste. Not everyone will have this reaction.* 

Skin Renewal Treatment

Help the largest organ of your body heal and rejuvenate from winter, sun or bothersome skin conditions with this herb inspired treatment.  The ritual begins with a dry brush exfoliation to remove dead and dry skin cells from the surface of your skin.  This is followed by a full body application of aloe gel that has been infused with Calendula and Lavender flowers.  Both have powerful healing and calming properties for the skin while aloe replenishes your skin with the hydration it craves.  Relax as you are warmly wrapped to absorb the benefits and are treated to a lymphatic facial massage with Rosehip & Vitamin E oil.  Finish with a pampering Swedish massage that applies our Rosehip & Vitamin E oil blend from head to toe.  You are sure to be glowing when you walk back into the world.

75 Minutes ~ ($125)

Herbal Foot Soak

Performed in our soothing relaxation room, your treatment will begin with a sesame oil salt scrub.  Choose a foot soak that has either detoxifying, rejuvenating, or relaxing herbal properties.  Close your eyes and soak your tired feet.  Just as you are about to drift off you will be treated to an healing salve rubdown. Your feet will thank you! Add this to before or after any other treatment.

30 Minutes ~ $30

Herbal Massage Package

Herbal Foot Soak Treatment + 55 Minute Herbal Oil Massage w/ Herbal Facial Steam

90 Minutes ($110)

Choose detox/uplifting/relaxing foot soak

Choose sinus & cold/relaxing/skin softening facial steam

Sinus Therapy Treatment

30 Minutes or 55 Minutes

During your massage treatment you will enjoy a Herbal Sinus Steam to open your airways, sinus draining facial massage with Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils and a cool sinus pillow to decrease swelling.