Gaia Tree Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine

with Holly Zoffoli at Living Mantras


Ayurveda Medicine

Initial Consult / Intake (60-75 min) $145

Report of Findings Included (separate appointment to follow Initial Consult)

Follow Up Visits 30-45 min ($45) 

*Herbal formulas, oils & other recommended items are not included in cost of appointments*

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Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine Practiced and provided by Holly Zoffoli

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Ayurvedic Body Rituals

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic oil massage 50 min / $80 or 80 min / $105

with scalp & hair treatment 70 min /  $99

Abhyanga is a nourishing & detoxifying holistic body treatment which uses herbal oils on muscles and joints to stimulate lymphatic system and healing on a cellular level. A fundamental Ayurveda body treatment. An excellent therapy for calming the mind, promoting deep sleep & the release of stress & toxins from the body. Pressure is medium to light & imparts tone & suppleness to musculature. 

*Please note that the amount of oil utilized in this therapy is quite generous and it is recommended that you leave the oil on your body for at least 2 and up to 24 hours after treatment for maximum benefit. Please plan accordingly.* 


80 Minutes ~ $125

An ancient Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara calms the nervous system, balancesthe recipient’s doshas and aides the body in the detoxification process.  We begin the treatment with a full body massage aimed at relaxation, increased blood flow and is comprised of long, rhythmic strokes.  Following the massage, a gentle stream of herbal oil is poured from a copper vessel over the recipient’s third eye.  This continuous stream of warm oil creates a subtle vibration that penetrates the nervous system and causes the recipient to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation.  The treatment concludes with a facial marma massage.  **This treatment is performed with a generous amount of oil.  It is to your benefit to allow the oils to remain on your body & hair for as long as possible.  Prepare for this treatment appropriately.  It is recommended that you plan as much of a stress free day as possible before and after receiving this treatment as your nervous system will be in a healing state.